Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Thursday, 25 June 2020

What a disater

1.The ocean has bad poulushuin and they will be lifeless.
2. They live next to the Beach.
3. It was the captain that made a accutint with the boat.
4. They were not allowed to swim in the sea and the ocean and play on the sand and play with the people they love.
5. Oil got stuck on their body.
6. They have to be careful of the oil and poison.
7. The refrigerator was not working.
8. So they can't get poisoned by the oil.
9. No one could fall and get stamped from the feet from the
little tiny pieces.
10. The soldiers pick up every bit of pieces

Vocabulary + Spelling.
Container Ship - A Ship with a lot of things filled in a huge
metal Box.
Toxic - Poisonous 
Dangerous - Something that harms and hurts people.
Blob - A large subject.
Tar - Black Thic liquid.  
Specks - Tiny spot of anything.
Walkway - A concrete that you walk on.
A crime scene - A Place where an offence has been committed.
Sealed - Closed up.
Patties - yummy food that you could use or the burgers.
Protactives gear - Something that guard you.
Sifting - To make something smooth through a sieve.
Debrisscattered pieces of rubbish or remains
Horrible smell - Something that stinks so bad.
Disaster - Volcano aruppting, Covid 19.
Disappointed - Youl get angry.
Annoyed - Angry at someone.
Sticky Black mess - Tar.
Very sad - The opposite of happy.
Smelt like Rubbish tip - Rottend banana.

Sunday, 21 June 2020


                                      Bottlenose Dolphin Report

Bottlenose Dolphin Jumping,….. PINK SKY ……..OCEAN-BLUE WATER AND ...
I am writing about a Bottlenose dolphin. It is a Mammal and it is a Marine animal
and it is not a fish so it sometimes hops in the air like a normal  
dolphin Because it needs air sometimes.

A place where they live?
- Coast and Oceanic West deep Ocean

What do they look like?
- It has a bottlenose and it is gray and it has no hair, no scales.

Diet -
What does it  eat?                                     
Crustacean, squid.
    Who's enemy?  
      - shark, killer whale, bull shark, tiger shark, tusky shark.
   Life Cycle - 
How do they live from a baby mammal to a big mammal?
in the wild generously lives long between 30 and 50 years.

                                          Interesting Facts -
 Bottlenose dolphins are marine animals, they have a shape of a bottle on
their nose.

Resources - 

Thursday, 4 June 2020

My 100 word challenge

As, me, someone, the, word, single, man, minecraft, fortnite, one, hundred, zombie, games, hi, anything, toilet, shower, not, snot, country, cow , duck, chest, plate, helmet, feet, foot, indian, bag, hand, dirty, funny, try, not, to do , what, want, bye, buy, by, fly, flies, bride, some, rabbit, mom, mum, dad, daddy, fat, clock, names, animal, five , numbers, far, dont, be, bee, humble, breath,ten, cave, ugly, beautiful, kind, bro, brother, hamilton, minecraft, fortnite, games, play, station, four, dude, famous, beat, boxing,Bible, boy, my, buddy, chest, plate, money,yuck, chicken, make, it, happen, mark, boots, drink, because, bumble, guy, most, information,   

Tuesday, 2 June 2020


At Friday night I went to My Dads, Dad's funarul it was a
sad night my Grandpa passed away on sunday I miss
him, he was my favorite
Grandpa he was in a coffin they opened the lid, and I saw
him he was cold and dead, we all had to kiss his head so
he would remember us he was smiling when they opened
the coffin it was amazing.

The reason why he passed away, because he had a heart I was crying so hard at the funeral it alright
and now he can go see his wife simata by the way my
grandpas name was silongoua Kupu Fotofili.

when the funeral was
starting I had to
where a taovala it was big but not so big it had to be tight
so when I sit I had to pull it up if it goes down.

I had to do a reading for the funeral. I think I remember it.
I never thought of writing it.

Na’a ne me’a kai aki ho sino, mo ho ata’ata’a, oange kia
silougaua, ho ai skip some of it because I don't remember
um I’ll read some of it now, taumafa, oku i think i'll just skip
some because i don't remember O faka hevani ok I can't
remember it again.

I was number five but everyone in my family was crying but
some were laughing, because of Memories.

I didn’t like them because they were too loud sometimes
this was in the St. Pius church  but tomorrow we buried him
on saturday may 30th.

When we were there at the grave we saw our grandma's
grave and then when I told my Mother she said that My
grandpa's coffin is going to be up top of my grandma's
one and they have to use the same grave they are arguing
at heaven now cause they always argue here in the real world.

But when father felise was talking he said he spoke english
but siloungo only spoke little english but the only tongan word
he knows from my grandpa I forgot or it was Lotolelei
is that a tongan word I don't know, ok let's get back.

Our priest was a tongan one he was in that tongan church
before I remember him there but Mrs. Pulotu was there so
she was just there to pray or I think she just came for the

And there was a guy recording us at the funeral and he
took pictures of us too.

When we were singing we put white rose flowers we threw
them down to our grandpa's coffin and then my dad and his
brothers and his nephews were using the shovel to put the
dirt on top of the coffin even the Prince and Princess was
there they saw and the prince was talking but the princess
was sitting, they
were sitting on a chair, they were getting ready to go back
where they came from.